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Friends quiz

Is your Friends knowledge better than the rest? Have you watched every episode thousands of times? Do you know the gang like you are one of them? Take this Friends quiz and see how much you know!

Famous monuments and landmarks quiz

How well do you know famous landmarks and monuments around the world? Do you know much about monuments other than the ones in your own country? Take this quiz to see how much you really know!

Disney quiz

Take this Disney quiz and see how much you know about Disney films and characters! Answer the questions about classic Disney films and see if you are a Disney maniac!

One Direction quiz

Are you One Direction´s biggest fan? Do you know all there is to need to know about One Direction? Take this quiz to see if you know everything there is to know about the 1D boys and the band.

Harry Potter quiz

Can you get full marks in this Harry Potter quiz? Are you an real Harry Potter fan? Have you read all of the books and seen all of the films? Take this Harry Potter quiz and see how much you can remember and really know about Harry Potter through the ages.

UK general knowledge quiz

Take this UK general knowledge quiz to see how many you really know about the UK and to see if your UK general knowledge is up to scratch.This quiz is going to test your general knowledge of the UK and asks questions on history, landmarks, and many other aspects of the UK.

Capital cities quiz: Europe

Do you know many capital cities for European countries? By taking this capital cities quiz you can test your knowledge and see how many you really do know!