Quiz: Premier league 2014/15

Think you're a hard core football fan? Or know a lot about football? Take this Premier league football quiz about the division and find out for sure!

Who was the oldest player in Manchester City's squad this season?

Which former West Brom defender is now playing in MLS this season?

Which Everton player revealed he has a tattoo of a knuckleduster?

At which non-league club was Jamie Vardy playing just five years ago?

Which of these Liverpool players scored the most Premier league goals this season?

Which Southampton signing lasted just 26 days at St Mary's before being sent packing?

Who was Crystal Palace's top scorer in the Premier League?

How much did Swansea City pay for Bafetimbi Gomis?

Which former Sunderland player made a comeback for his local Sunday League side?

As well as Charlie Adam, which other Stoke player has scored a Premier League goal from his own half?

Which of these players DIDN'T captain Hull City this season?

Which of these summer signings cost Manchester United the least?

Who became Aston Villa's second-youngest player of all time when he made his debut this season?

After Charlie Austin, who was QPR's top scorer in the Premier League?

Who was Newcastle's top scorer in the Premier League?

This Premier League football quiz will really separate die-hard fans from fair weather supporters.

These questions are tough questions about the division to put your knowledge to the test. Think you're a hard core football fan? Take this sport quiz and find out for sure!