English football quiz

How is your knowledge of English football? Think you could answer everyone correctly? Take this English football quiz and see if how well you do!

How many Premier League titles did David Beckham win while at Manchester United?

Which year did Arsene Wenger started managing Arsenal Football Club?

Who among the following players has scored the most goals for England football national team?

What is the nationality of Sven Goran Eriksson, who managed the England national football team from 2001 to 2006?

How many times has Tottenham Hotspurs won the FA Cup (in 2011)?

Liverpool Football Club won a treble in 2000-01 season, which among the following cups didn't they win?

Which country did England beat in the 1966 FIFA World Cup Final?

When was the Premier League founded?

What playing position does Phil Jagielka play in Everton Football Club?

Which English soccer referee made history by taking charge of 2010 UEFA Champions League Final and 2010 FIFA World Cup Final?

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