Quiz: Football history

Take this football history quiz to test your football knowledge. Are you a hard core supporter or just a general follower? Take this test and find out!

What was the name of the first World Cup trophy?

What is the oldest football club in history according to FIFA?

Against what country England played history’s first international football fixture?

When was the world’s first official football body, the Football Association (FA), established?

For which historic Spanish club the Hungarian striker Ferenc Puskas played?

What was history’s first official World Cup soccer ball called?

Which football player of the 1960s was dubbed as “The Fifth Beatle”?

What country made history in 1960 by winning the first European football championship?

How many goals the French Just Fontaine scored during the 1958 World Cup?

Against which team Uruguay won the first World Cup final in 1930?

Quiz: How much do you know about American football?

This football history quiz will really separate die-hard fans from fair weather supporters.

These questions are tough questions about the history of football and will put your knowledge to the test. Think you're a hard core football fan? Take this sport quiz and find out for sure!