Quiz: American football history

OK, serious pro American football fans, take this football test to find out how much you know about the history of American football!

Who is the only player selected as a Super Bowl MVP from a losing team?

What was the temperature during the coldest NFL game ever played, the famous 1967 “Ice Bowl” championship game played in Green Bay?

Which one of the following innovations is not credited to Paul Brown, who coached the Browns and Bengals?

What is the only NFL team that has never had a logo of any kind on its helmets?

The NFL was founded during a meeting in what kind of business?

Which player scored the winning touchdown for the Colts in the famous 1958 championship game, the first sudden death playoff game in league history?

What former league MVP has gone on to become a state Supreme Court justice in Minnesota?

Who is the last Hall of Famer to play on both offense and defense?

One of the most descriptive nicknames in pro football history belonged to flanker Elroy Hirsch of the Los Angeles Rams. What was it?

In 1940, when the Chicago Bears were known as 'Monsters of the Midway,' they defeated the Washington Redskins in the NFL’s most lopsided championship game. What was the score?

Which expansion team played the most games before getting its first win?

Who was the NFL’s first president (later called commissioner)?

Which one of the following teams began its existence in the old American Football League?

Which Hall of Fame quarterback was famous for wearing black high-top cleats?

Which city has hosted the most Super Bowls?

Quiz: How much do you know about American football?

OK, serious pro American football fans, here’s an opportunity to show your stuff. It’s first down and 15 questions to proving just how much you know about NFL history with this wide-ranging test.

Have you been following American football or your life or are you just a super fan? Either way you should take this sports quiz to find out!

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