Women’s football quiz

Are you a fan of women's football? Take this women's football quiz and find out if you know just as much about women's football as you do about men's.

Abby Wambach is an American professional soccer player, which club did she play at from 2009 to 2010?

Who among the following players won the Golden Shoe in 2003 World Cup?

Who among the following football players scored the most goals in 2011 FIFA Women World Cup?

Who among the following American soccer players has played the most matches in FIFA Women World Cup?

Who won the first ever FIFA Women's World Cup?

How many times has the United States Women's national soccer team won the Olympic Women's Gold Medal?

Who among the following has scored the most goals for United States Women soccer national team?

During the FIFA Women's World Cup 2007, Germany beat Argentina in the first match. How many goals did Germany score in that match?

Which position did Brazil finish at during the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup?

Which among the following countries has hosted the FIFA Women's World Cup two times?

It's one thing having a sound knowledge about men's football, but can you answer these questions about women's football? 

Women's football receives less publicity and less funding than men's football, but women have shown their skills and dedication on the pitch and could even rival some of the male players.

Think you have what it takes to answer all of these questions correctly? Take this sports quiz and find out if you have sufficient knowledge!