Cricket general knowledge quiz

Do you think you're a hard core cricket fan? Take this cricket general knowledge test to find out if your cricket knowledge is definitely up to scratch!

In which county is Lords?

How many ways can a batsman be out?

Who is the first cricket player from Kerala to make a test debut?

In yards, how far apart are the wickets?

Who won the Asia Cup Cricket Tournament 2010?

Against which country did India score their lowest total at the World Cup?

Standard cricket bats are made of...

Who were the first two teams to compete in an international cricket match?

Who was the wicket-keeper of the Indian Cricket Team during the World Cup 2003 tournament?

The world’s top cricketers were auctioned off for the DLF Indian Premier League in Mumbai on February 20, 2008. Which cricketer attracted the highest price?

Which country unexpectedly won the cricket world cup in 1996?

Where is commonly referred to as the 'Home of Cricket'?

Who holds the record for the highest number of runs in Test Cricket?

Which country hosted the Cricket world cup in 2015?

Take this cricket general knowledge quiz to test your knowledge and expertise all about the world of cricket.

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