Quiz: Do you know the rules of rugby?

Are you a rugby super fan? Think you know all the rules about rugby? Take this sports quiz and find out how much you know!

How many players from each side can take part in a scrum?

Which of the following are you ALLOWED to do in a ruck?

What is the main difference between a ruck and a maul?

The referee raises his arm at head level and taps the palm of one hand with his other hand. What is he signalling?

Which is the incorrect rugby union rule?

Which number shirt does a full-back wear?

Which player would normally take a line out?

Where must the ball be when the full-time whistle is blown?

Which is NOT a real rugby position?

How many metres must the ball travel from kick-off?

Rugby is a team sport and if you are a super fan of one of England's favourite sports, then this quiz should be no problem for you.

There are many rules within this team game and many people don't know the rules unless they have played the game. Take this sports test and find out how much you know about the game of rugby.

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