Quiz: How much do you know about American football?

How much do you know about American football? Take this sports quiz to find out if your knowledge is up to scratch and impress all your friends!

What is a turnover?

How long does the referee have to review the play during a challenge?

How many challenges is each team allotted each game?

What is gridcord?

What's the maximum number of players allowed on an NFL team?

The helmet rule is nicknamed after which NFL player?

Which of the following is NOT an offensive position?

Which of the following is NOT a position on special teams?

How high are the goalposts, centred at the back of the end zone?

Which of the following is NOT true concerning a fair catch?

How long is an official NFL football?

Which of the following positions run down the field and catch balls thrown by the quarterback?

Which of the following reasons will NOT stop the clock?

American football is a whole different ball game to English football. The rules are different, the equipment is different but they both share them same aim...to score against the other team.

American football isn't very popular in England but there are some people who are big fans of this sport. Thanks to this sports quiz, you can take this quick test to see how much you know about American football!

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