Quiz: What is my wedding song?

Not sure what your wedding song is but want to find out? Take this quick and easy test to find out what song you will do your first dance to!

Do you listen to a lot of music?

Which type of music is your favourite?

When listening to a song do you listen to the lyrics or not?

What kind of songs do you like?

Do you like to dance when you go out?

What kind of couple are you?

Do you like to dance together?

Are you and your partner good dancers?

Do you like people watching you dance?

The first song is the most important in a wedding. Most couples choose a song that means something to them or signifies something that has happened during their relationship.

However this isn't always the case for some couples. Some couples need to choose a song and it can be very difficult.

But thanks to this love quiz you can find out which kind of song best suits your personality and relationship.

Take the test and find out now!