Perfect Girlfriend Quiz

Find out who your perfect girl is with the perfect girlfriend quiz! Don't wait for the Mrs Right to find you, take this love test and find out for yourself!

Do you like women who work out?

If you had to choose one of these dates, which one would you like to go on?

Do you like feisty women?

What do you like your women to wear?

Do you like women who stand up for what they believe in?

Do you like women who watch what they eat or women who enjoy their food?

What would your ideal date be?

Which is most attractive to you? Someone who...

Do you prefer curvy women?

Do you like competitive women?

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Who is your perfect girlfriend? We all have a certain type of girl we like, and we all want to find out who she is! Don't hang around waiting for the perfect girl to find you, take control, find out who she is and go and find her!

Take this test to find out who your perfect girlfriend is and start looking for your Mrs Right!

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