What is my love language?

Each of us perceive love in a different way because we have different love languages. Find out what is yours and you will know what makes you feel loved.

Which of the following phrases makes you forgive your partner after a fight?

Your best friend has just been fired and is feeling totally down. What do you do to make him/her feel better?

What do you prefer at the end of a long, exhausting day?

When you feel your partner is passing through a difficult moment, your first reaction is to:

What is the thing that most bothers you in a relationship?

You meet an old friend you haven’t seen lately and who has just arrived in town. What is your first reaction?

What your ex-partners appreciated about you most was:

You are just passing through the death of a beloved one. What makes you feel better?

Choose the most appropriate phrase for you.

The perfect birthday present for you is:

Quiz: How to know if you’re in love

Quiz: How to know if a guy likes you?

Have you ever wondered how is that somebody says is doing everything for making you happy and, yet, you still feel discontent? Have you ever feel that your love proofs are not appreciated enough by your partner.

Many of the misunderstandings in couple come from the fact that each of us have different needs that correspond to the different ways we show our love. The 5 love languages are: the physical touch, the quality time spent together, the presents or gifts, the beautiful words or conversation, the acts of service (or devotion).

Take this test and know what is your love language. This way you will also know what to ask for from your boyfriend/girlfriend.