Quiz: When will I get married?

Want to start planning your big day or need to plan an escape route from marriage? Take our marriage quiz to find out when you'll tie the knot!

Do you want to get married soon?

How often do you see your partner?

Are you looking for the right person to get married to?

How old are you?

Do you want to start a family?

Do you live with your partner?

Are a lot of your friends getting married now?

Are you ready to settle down?

Are you in a relationship at the minute?

Have you dreamt about getting married from a young age?

Marriage is the biggest step in a relationship, showing full commitment to your partner. Every one wants to plan their big day, and so it's always good to know when it's going to happen.

Some people start looking forward to their wedding from a young age, others don't really think about it until it's their time to tie the knot.

What ever your thoughts, it's always good to know when it's going to happen. Thanks to this love quiz, you can find out when you're going to get married and you can either start to plan or run for the hills.