Quiz: Where will I go on my honeymoon?

Want some ideas of where to go on your honeymoon? Take this quick and easy honeymoon test to find out which destination would best suit you both!

Could you manage living out of a rucksack?

Is getting a tan important to you?

Are you an adrenaline junkie?

Is good weather important to you?

Do you want to go to an exotic destination or not?

Is having a good beach and pool important to you?

Do you like to meet new people when you're on holiday?

Is it important to feel completely relaxed after a holiday?

How long is your ideal holiday?

Do you like to try and see new things when you are in a new place?

Knowing where to go on your honeymoon is difficult these days as the possibilities are endless.

Each honeymoon destination is different for each person. If you're an adventurous person you can go skiing, or if you want to relax you could go somewhere with luxurious beaches.

Or maybe you want a city break to explore different parts of the world? Well, thanks to this love quiz, you can find out where you are most likely to go on your honeymoon.

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