Quiz: How to know if a guy likes you?

Is he into you? Do you really want to know? Take this test and find it out. Knowing if a guy likes you is really easy with our quiz.

When you are walking on the street, are you holding your hands.

Do you think he would defend you if one of his best friends would say something bad about you?

Does he pay attention to other girls when you are together?

When he notices that you might like to someone else, he...

He compliments you, and not only for the way you look, but also for the way you think.

You are always beyond his friends when it comes to spend his free time.

When you plan to make things together, who's in charge with organisation?

Does he surprise you with small gestures?

You can talk to him on any subject and he always seem to understand you.

Does your guy talk to his friends about you?

Who use to take the first step after a quarrel?

He hurt you and each time you want to talk to him about that he...

You are having a lot of fun, but he has to turn back home...

He asks you about how did you manage after a test, exam or another event like that.

His best friends tells him that he saw you with another guy. What is the reaction of you boyfriend?

Quiz: How to know if you’re in love

Do you want to know for sure if you dream guy likes you? If there is somebody who is constantly in your mind, it is absolutely normal that you are full of doubts about his feelings about you. And equally normal is for you to be afraid to ask him that, but don't you worry about that anymore. Our love test will solve your uncertainties about that special person in your life.

Keep in mind that, even if the beginning of a relationship comes with the most beautiful feelings, is can also bring tension and lack of confidence (and self-confidence). You might feel insecure and sometimes feel a tension in your chest, always asking yourself "does he really likes me?".

Every person is different and acts in different ways when in love; this is why it is difficult to say for sure if someone is into you. Nevertheless, there are some signs that, if well interpreted, can't fail in answering the question.

Don't hurry to judge to quickly and make assertion before time. Further, don't forget that things can change very fast, especially if you are at the beginning. What you really can do at the moment is to keep calm and take the test.

Find out if he is into you with this test.