Quiz: How to know if you’re in love

Is it real love or a simple physical attraction? If you want to know if you are in love take this quiz. Find out what your real feelings are.

Is him/her the first person that you think about when your telephone rings?

Do you feel that the time spent far from each other is never ending?

Are there things you would change about him/her personality?

Do you find yourself having a large smile on your face while you are talking?

Have you ever felt what you are feeling for him/her right now?

Do you already know what the other person thinks about getting marriage, having kids & stuff?

How do you react when he/she asks for your help?

Do you ever find yourself thinking that he/she is the most beautiful guy/girl ever?

When you are walking down the street and see a sexy girl/guy you think:

Do you feel jealous when he/she talk to someone of the opposite sex?

Are you ready to make compromises that you have always said you wouldn't, for him/her?

What would you reproach to him/her?

Would you move to another city for him/her?

Would you give away to an affair, having the certainty that nobody would find out about that?

True or false: Never pass more that 3 hours without writing him/her something.

Imagine that you would break up. How would you feel? Would you suffer?

True or false: when you go shopping you find more suitable things for him/her than for you.

Quiz: How to know if you’re in love

Quiz: How to know if a guy likes you?

Do you want to know if you are in love? Either if you are already a couple or you still are in the "friendship stage", you want to know if the feelings you have towards him/her are the true love. It is absolutely normal to feel the urge to name what you feel, because only by defining your emotions you will know what you really want and how to get what you want.

Of course, feelings change in time and, even if at the moment you are not crazy in love, this doesn't mean that, in a month or so, you will not completely lose your head for that person that you only like now. This is why we recommend you to take the test below from time to time to see how you feelings are evolving.

Be careful and answer as honest as you can; you can even take a few moments after reading the question and try to give the most accurate answer.