Quiz: Is she into me?

We all know that girls are not easy to understand, especially in romantic issues. Take this test and find out if that girl really likes you.

Does she try to draw your attention when you're around? Does she speak or laugh loudly as to come into notice.

Does she get nervous when you get close to her?

Does she try to speak with you without a certain reason, often using the excuse of asking for help?

Does she ask you about yourself, your hobbies and your passions? Does she listen carefully when you talk about yourself.

Does she make make a physical contact with you?

Does she spend more time with you than with her friends? Did it happen that she refuse to see her friends in order to stay with you?

Does she accepts to hang out with you when you are inviting her?

She treats you different from her other friends, being more details oriented and more attentive with you?

Do her friends watch you carefully and pay attention at what you say?

Does her physical movements reflect yours while you are talking? (For example, if you turn your head to the right, she tends to do the same.)

Does she make sure that you are always present when you hang out in a larger group?

Is she trim most of the time you see each other, wearing make up, special outfits or nice jewelry?

Do you noticed that she ia looking at you when you don't pay attention?

Is she laughing loudly at all of your jokes, even if they are not the best

Does she seem to have a great memory about the moments spent together? Does she remember specific details about you two?

Does she compliment you, noticing when you have a new haircut or a new t-shirt?

Is she friendly with your friends, trying to make part of your group?

Is she always smiling and is in a good mood when talks to you?

Have you kicked around with her for a while, but you are now getting tired of flirts and uncertainties? If you want to know if a girl is really into you, you should pay more attention to all her languages, besides the verbal one.

Bear in mind that most of the girls don't tend to be very straightforward right from the beginning. They only feel relaxed to express their feeling after being sure about the boy's feelings.  Nevertheless, when a girl is falling in love with a guy she sends some obvious signs that you should learn to recognise.

Until then, allow the test below to give you a helping hand and discover how she feels about your relation.