Quiz: Is my partner marriage material?

Marriage is the a big step in a relationship and it's hard to know if you are with a person who is marriage material. Take this love quiz to find out now!

Have you spoken about marriage together?

Does your partner share their feelings and emotions?

Can your partner image spending the rest of their life with you?

Does your partner get on well with your family?

Does your partner say that they love you a lot?

Does your partner go out all the time rather than spending time with you?

If both their friends and you weren't busy one night, who would he chose to spend it with?

Does your partner like being in a long term relationship?

Do you and your partner live together?

Is your partner willing to change any annoying habits?

Marriage is the next big step in a relationship and it’s hard to know if you are with the right person to settle down.

Marriage is a two way thing and the commitment needs to be equal on both sides. You need to be fully committed to your partner and they need to be fully committed to you in order to be ready to move onto the next stage of your life.

Thanks to this love quiz, you can find out if your partner is ready for that next step and prepare yourself for a whole different life. Take the is my partner marriage material quiz now!